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iPod Touch 4G


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iPod Touch 4G

How Apple keeps making these products thinner and thinner blows my mind away.  The fourth generation iPod touch is even slimmer than the 2G/3G.  It finally lays flat again and the addition of the Facetime camera as well as the camera on the back are welcome changes, sort of.

Having the front facing Facetime camera is awesome, it works just as you’d expect allowing you to connect with other iPhone 4s, iPod touches and Mac systems.  However it’s the recent roll out of Skype Video to iOS this makes video calling really fun and easy to use.  Sure Facetime is cool, but not everyone I know has a device that supports Facetime.  But virtually everyone I know has or can get Skype.  More on that later.  First lets get the the sore spot out of the way, the camera on the back is absolute crap for still photos.  Don’t get me wrong it works great for video and I’m super psyched about being able to make video calls with it.  But it breaks my heart with a paltry 0.7 mp it really feels like a step back.  I suppose it’s either Apple’s way of leaving something for the 5G touch or their way of teasing people like me to getting the iPhone 4, which I ended up doing.  On a positive note at least it does have the camera and at least it does take stills unlike the iPod Nano 5G.  And yes that is me bitching about the camera for it’s lack of quality YET still wishing that the previous Nano did this.  I suppose because a crappy still camera on the Nano would have just been a crappy camera but on the iPod touch, with it being a close cousin to the iPhone with a higher price point, I expected more.

All in all the latest version has enough upgrades to make it a must have, unless you want to hold out for a higher resolution camera this thing is amazing.  After all people don’t buy because of what it doesn’t have or do, but what it does have going for it is amazing.

Starting with the Retina display, it is incredible to look at and if you haven’t seen it in person you really should.  Crisp, clear and vibrant are only some of the words to describe how different the screen quality is.  I can’t wait for that kind of pixel density to start showing up on Desktop/Laptop systems.  The only gripe about the screen is the lack of IPS, again this is something Apple could roll out in the next version but that’s a minor point for me as I’m not usually showing anything to anyone else via the iPod.

The A4 chips makes this one fast puppy.  Having multi-tasking (here I’ll say the iOS version) and folders really make the latest incarnation of iOS feel like a whole new device, now when I pick up the 1G or even the 2G it feels like I’ve step back into the stone ages.

The change in the form factor makes the hardware buttons virtually disappear while looking at the device head on.  The switch of the Sleep button from the upper left to the upper right is a welcome change as well.  This brings it more inline with the iPhone hardware interface.  Having the new one side by side with the previous generation makes the elder look down right fat.  They’ve trimmed the edge, while still giving the same chrome lining just thinner.  Where the previous touch felt like it had a chrome border, the latest feels like it’s got a classer chrome edge.  The speaker sounds louder than before, but I don’t actually use the on board ones much anymore since Airplay support as been added I’ve been sending my music to my AppleTVs though out the house (more on that in the AppleTV review).

If you’re in the market for a mini-mobile computer but don’t want the monthly fees of an iPhone this is the closet you’re going to get with the iOS eco-system for under $500 and its worth every penny.  With the ability to play/view/read music, movies, photos, books and apps it’s almost like and endless amount of entertainment.  Add in Skype and you’ve got yourself a Wi-Fi’ish iPhone.  Here’s hoping that the next version has a camera on par with the iPhone, thought then you start to wonder would that make the next iPod touch an Apple version of a digital camera?

I can’t stress how much the App store is an incredible way to expand the devices core functions.  It’s how you can add iBooks with it’s own build in book store.  With iMovie you can record and edit a movie directly on the device and then upload it to Facebook or YouTube.  And those are just the Apple apps, add things like 360 Panorama, RunKeeper, and your just starting to slide down the iceberg of 3rd party apps available.

If you’ve got yourself a MiFi or a phone with MiFi the iPod touch makes a great PDA that can be synced with just about any smart phone that supports either MobileMe or Google Accounts.  I do this personally to save on my phone’s battery and rely on my iPod to keep me informed of my plans and contacts.  I personally also like to have redundancy, some of the same basic functions work across all the devices like Skype, email and web surfing while each has it’s specific duties.

The iPod touch 4G gets a 4 out of 5 Ls.  I knocked one L out for the lack of IPS and the low quality camera.