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Augen Tablet


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Woah, this may be the Droid I’m looking for…

I’ve got my rain check at K-Mart, yes you read that right, K-Mart.  I can’t think of a time that I ever wrote about getting something at K-Mart.  But if they actually get this Augen 7″ Tablet it could be a small coo.  I’ve been searching for more info on it and it looks like only K-Mart has this new cost effective tablet.  Did I mention it’s only $150?!?!?

Will it be worth it?  Will I finally have an Android platform to test out?  Hopefully we’ll find out in the next week or two.  Stay Tuned!

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I know I’ve been busy a few months but wow, I didn’t realize I was so busy that my last post was a month and a half ago.  Well I have been a busy bee, between working full time at QOL, working picked up a couple clients and also trying to get my personal portfolio updated see BilyFoster.com

Well part of the silence is cause I’m doing mobile updates on Facebook, need to get these all linked up better some how.  But also because I’ve been chilling on picking up devices so that I can get my hands on Apple’s latest iPad.  Of course I was up early March 12th placing my order like every other FanBoy (okay I finally admitted it – more on that in a sec).  I went all out thinking just getting the 3G version will be enough and with my 32gb iPod touch almost full I thought it best to get the 64gb version.

I was doing fine waiting until late April for mine.  Until last night, something came over me and I just couldn’t help it, I didn’t want to miss out on the first day hysteria, and I saw that if I placed my order I would still get it on April 3rd.  Now I don’t know if they just let you order until 1 week before launch to get it ON April 3rd or if they are running low on the first round stock, but this morning when I woke up and started browsing my morning blogs I read that orders as of today are SHIPPING by April 12th.  So I was lucky enough to get in under the door before it slammed shut on the launch day pre-orders.

Now to my newly admitted, FanBoy status for Apple.  I was just bitching a month ago to a friend of mine, “I’m not paying $500 for a phone.”  referring to the Nexus One screw job of not letting it be subsidized even though it was sold (only at the time too) for my provider (T-Mobile).  Yet here I was shelling out over $1,000 for two iPads that I haven’t even held in my hand.  So I have to admit I am a FanBoy of Apple.  This of course doesn’t mean that I follow blindly, I still haven’t jumped onto the AppleTV bandwagon.  For TV I’ve been a big TiVo fan until the most recent release, I’m just not impressed with the latest revision (at least not enough to think it will save the company).

So what will I do with two iPads?  Well there are a couple of options, Matt and Ma have a hard time with the GPS (Ma actually arges with it) and the screen of an iPhone is too small.  So they could use one to find things they need to get to, and when they get lost the little blue dot can tell them where they are vs where they need to be.  I may have one just for development, or for >cough< jailbreaking.  I’m hoping maybe there will be an App to help my Ma with her English, but I figured worse case I could always pop the WiFi one on Ebay after my 3G comes and see what happens.

Oh hey wait, there WAS one post that is missing, my review of the Lennovo Tablet, I’ll have to find my back up and restore that.  If you thought that was going to compete with the iPad you are SOARLY mistaken :P

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photo 3

photo 2Wow okay I’ve been slacking this past month when it comes to posting directly to the site here.  I’m working on resolving that.  Most of the vacation pictures got posted to Facebook live as it was the easiest way to do while on the road.  But more on the vacation post coming soon.  Today I wanted to cover the Slim G4 Optical Mouse.  This baby is AWESOME for road warriors that like to have a mouse while on out in the field.  I would have love to have had this when I traveled for work.

It slides right into that nifty PCMCIA slot on your laptop that is generally empty, which is perfect for storage.  Then when you get to your destination you pop it out, flip it around and transform it into a great optical USB mouse that tracks quite well and fits right in my hand.

photo 3It amazing how they take the flat mouse and flip it into an easy to use and hold mouse.  There was no need to install any drivers on my PC, simply plugged it in and it auto-detected and installed all on its own.  There is a touch sensitive strip between the mouse buttons that works just like scroll wheel and it tracked very nicely for while I was reading websites.

The Slim G4 Optical Mouse is a must have for anyone who wants to add a mouse for the road without adding any bulk.  You can pick it up from the fine folks over at Unicsen.com for around $37 bucks.  It gets a rare 5 out of 5 Ls and was the perfect accessory while we were in Florida.


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World's Smallest MP3 Player

World's Smallest MP3 Player

The great folks over at UnicSen sent over a Cube5 for review and I don’t have the full details yet, but so far I have been blow away at the quality of this MP3 player.  The OLED screen is nifty and is actually quite readable, and the battery life was well over my expectations.  Full review in the next day or too after I put it through it’s paces.

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Okay my Tablo is ordered and should be here tomorrow according to UPS >fingers crossed<.  Once I get it in hand and get it up and running I’ll update this post to reflect the product.  But on a side note, I do have to mention UnicSen where I ordered it from.  They are very nice and appear to have some really cool gadgets that I’ll be checking out.  I know I don’t have the “Opraha” effect but if your looking to order the Tablo I certainly recommend going through UnicSen.

So more on the Tablo in the next few days, and maybe I’ll get a chance to grab one of those Cube3 4gb video cubes and get a review posted on that soon too ;)

siso U20-3 665x442